**Please note the Liner is not included!**


The Easy Wheels Mini Plus+ cart is equipped with a person rear basket giving you more room in the main basket while keeping personal belongings within reach making it a great daily shopper for seniors.


The Easy Wheels Line of products are designed with durability in mind to traverse the harshest sidewalks, and be a reliable assistant in helping you accomplish tasks such as:


  • Laundry
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Yard Work

Easy Wheels Mini Plus+ Cart

    • Extra Welded, Rear Hanging Collapsible Basket
      • Store Personal Items and Small Items
      • Extra Space in Main Basket
    • Handlebar Grip
    • Epoxy Coating over treated Steel Frame to ensure long life
    • Hard Plastic Wheels with 100 Lbs. Weight Capacity
    • Dense rubber tires
    • Compact folding capability

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