Big Family, Big Holidays

During the 80s, our family immigrated to Queens, NY. It was not atypical of the times. Our big family had big dinners. Our house was a little too small, or what I liked to call, the right size of coziness, familiarity and fun. There was no shortage of presents, food, and of course, arguments.

Looking back, the winter holiday season was always a time of joy, where we all had a bit more time with each other. The lights seemed brighter and certainly more colorful. Each of our families are different. We probably had different food. We didn't always wait until Christmas morning. However, I'm hoping we shared the same spirit of home, warmth, and love.

Over the last 30 years, different races, religions, and cultures have been a part of our company. Whether they are customers in different countries or associates from different countries, there was never a shortage of diversity, wonderful stories, and laughter at Narita.

During this time of year, we appreciate the many cards, notes, and especially, stories of our many wonderful customers. Our entire staff reads each and every correspondence, many of which are handwritten. I can say with certainty your handwriting is far better than mine and your stories and good wishes bring a smile to us in an otherwise hectic holiday season.

We hope everyone has had a well deserved, and wonderful holiday season. Please feel free to share your story with us.

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