Modest Beginnings

When Allen and Carol immigrated to New York in the 80s, they soon identified shopping carts as a product that was often discarded on the side of the road, often in disrepair.

In Queens NY, a modest small business began in the small garage of their home. As Narita Trading slowly began to grow, the Easy Wheels brand grew synonymous with affordable quality. Two wheel shopping carts became history, and the four wheel shopping cart was born. 

Building Customer Trust

Built on an honest days labor, and a simple belief that customers would choose quality, the small family business grew along with the Easy Wheels product line. With a small warehouse, and long hours, a mini cart was soon added. Shortly after, a truly Super Cart was born. The dull silver shopping carts of the 80s were replaced with a line of bright colors.

Competitors sprung up and tried to bring back the 'disposable shopping cart' mentality of the recent past. Not to be deterred, Narita continued to build on quality first, improving and standardizing components. 


With an ever growing assortment of low quality products everywhere, we still continue to hold the same beliefs that started Easy Wheels and Narita Trading over 30 years ago: providing value to our customers by building durable and dependable carts.


We continue to be inspired by long time customers that go as far back as owning our first few generations of shopping carts, replacing worn out wheels with a new set because 'the frame still works just fine.'

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