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Easy Wheels Jumbo Shopping Cart

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The original 001 Jumbo Cart was the flagship of the Easy Wheels brand for nearly a decade before its successor, the Super Cart, was developed. Later, the 001 Chrome was developed to match the sparkling chrome finish of the steel spoke wheels, which are also chromed.

Long lasting epoxy paint for the frame and protective chrome plating for the wheels were key features for our loyal customers. It continues, nearly 35 years later, to feature a comfortable handle grip and quality materials and craftsmanship to keep it rolling, and a high 150 Lbs. weight capacity.

Weight Capacity: 150 Lbs.

Durable Epoxy Coating Over Treated Steel Frame For A Long Lasting Finish

Dense Composite Rubber Treads

Fully Collapsible Design

Steel Spoke, Chrome Wheels

Only Jumbo Cart Available in Full Chrome

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