Easy Wheels


Easy Wheels products are recognized for being the most durable, dependable shopping carts. 

These carts feature bold epoxy finishes or sparkling chrome finishes that last.


  • Thicker Steel Tubing

  • Comfortable Handle

  • Epoxy Powder Coating

  • Folds Flat

Over 30 Years

Easy Wheels

Premium Components

By ensuring quality of every component, from the handlebar to the wheels, Easy Wheels products suffer less wear and tear and have a longer life.

Our loyal customers regularly replace wear and tear components, and not entire carts.

True Weight Capacities

With over 30 years experience, we know the dependability and durability of a shopping cart is directly tied to Weight Capacity. 

That's why our products have been third party tested.


  • Large Wheels

    • 10" Rear​

    • 6" Front

  • Durable

    • Steel Spoke​

    • Treated Hard Plastic

  • Composite Rubber​

    • 1" Treads

    • Solid Core



Yard Work

Grocery Shopping

Heavy Groceries

Light Renovation

Light Construction

Transporting Heavy Items


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