Still a ways to go

While this year has proven difficult, we will continue honoring our commitment to our team and our customers.

In June, we received assistance via the Paycheck Protection Act. Easy Wheels and Narita has always been a family owned business, and we consider the team to be family as well. 


We are proud to say that we:

- retained our entire team here allowing us to continue providing products and service to you, our customer

- continue to place the highest importance on providing a safe working environment for our team and products for our customers 

As promised, we will continue honoring a straight 20% discount across all of our products as a way to give back to the community.  

Thank you from all of us,




Super Swivel Cart

Using the unrivaled Super Cart as a base, we added the same high quality large front swivel wheels.


These bigger castor wheels, with ball bearings, make turning smoother, while ensuring the ability to traverse rough terrain. 

002-BK collapsed.jpg

Super Cart

The Super Cart was originally designed for customers who needed an especially heavy duty utility/laundry/grocery cart for club shopping.


It increasingly became the cart of choice for all customers, as the extra toe plate and sturdy construction offered assurance that it would get the job done.



The Chrome cart is a beautiful one of a kind shopping cart. Using a quality treatment and chroming process for both the frame and steel spoke wheels, its shine lasts for years.

Built on the original flagship Jumbo cart that launched the brand, it is still one of the most popular choices decades later.

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